We can support you with access to safe crisis short term accommodation through provision of self-contained units from our refuge based in Athlone.

Our accommodation can offer you and your children safety, respite and comfort while we support you and your children around your needs. We have 5 family spaces, to meet the needs of families big and small, or women without children. Residents are free to come and go throughout the day while maintaining routines for work, school, college, etc. We do operate a nightly curfew to ensure safety and that all refuge spaces are used if needed.

Refuge Services Provided:

  • Support on site 24 / 7 providing emotional & practical supports
  • Client-led, one-on-one care planning with dedicated specialist team 
  • Referral to appropriate services / agencies as part of your care plan

Are you or someone you know experiencing domestic violence or abuse?
Call our Helpline 24/7
on 1800 662 288


For further information or support around domestic violence, you or someone you know is experiencing.

Dr Dobbs Memorial Home, Northgate St., Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Call our 24/7 Helpline on 1800 662 288
Email us 24/7 at info@eskerhouse.ie
Call 090 647 4122, Monday-Friday 9-5

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