Children are often referred to as the hidden victims of domestic violence.

Research shows that children both witness and experience domestic violence and thus are impacted directly and indirectly by this crime. At Esker House we recognise children as clients of our service in their own right. Our Child & Youth services provide a safe non-judgemental play space where children have a voice. We work with mothers in refuge to support them around their children and their parenting needs. We also provide support to children, young people and mothers through Community Supports.

Our Service

  • Our specialist support service provides tailored support to the individual needs of each child that accesses our service. 
  • We provide a crisis response and also a 6–8-week program designed to respond to the impact of exposure to domestic abuse. 
  • Safety planning is a major element of our work.  Research indicates that this is a vital piece of work for children and young people who are subjected to domestic abuse within the home, to feel safe again.
  • We provide a one-on-one supports to children and young people who are staying in refuge and also those living at home. 
  • We deliver Healthy Relationship workshops in Schools and youth groups

The Role of the CYP support team

  • To provide and supportive environment and lead a trauma informed practice for children subjected to domestic violence.
  • Creating safety plans and given the children and young people a safe space to communicate their feelings.
  • Develop a safe environment for children to enter on each session.
  • Support the Child with the vocabulary around feelings, giving them the opportunity to learn the words to describe how they are feeling.
  • CYPS is here to listen to the child’s voice and create a safe place.

We aim to:

  1. Developing the child’s sense of safety.
  2. Promoting healing relationships between the child and caregiver.
  3. Teaching self-regulation and coping skills.

Parental Support

We offer caregiver the opportunity to talk through the impact of domestic abuse on the children and support them with tools to develop a bonded relationship and connection after trauma.

Children First
and Tusla

All our services work according to ‘Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children’ published by the Dept. of Children and Youth Affairs. This document helps us to support the protection and welfare of children in Irish Society, including our responsibility to report any concerns to Tusla.

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